Introducing CPack's new cardboard sandwich wedge wrappers

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Do you work in the food industry and want to reduce your carbon footprint? Be more environmentally friendly? Use less non-recyclables?

Well, look no further, as CPack has got just the solution for you, the Cardboard Sandwich Wedge Wrapper 1000 and Cardboard Sandwich Wedge Wrapper 2000. In place of plastics, these machines use cardboard wedges to wrap up your delicious sandwiches.

The Wedge Wrapper 1000 is brand new, compact, and is available as a tabletop or freestanding version. This single-phase machine doesn't require pneumatics, reducing running costs and energy consumption. With a wrapping speed of 10-12 sandwiches per minute, you can rely on this machine to speed up production.

For a limited time, we are offering a promotional price on this amazing machine. To get your hands on one of our new Cardboard sandwich sealers, click here.

The Cardboard Sandwich Wedge Wrapper 2000 is an amazing machine for many reasons. Including, we can convert and upgrade existing SS3000 sandwich sealers to the Wedge Wrapper 2000. Further, the cost of this is substantially cheaper than buying a new machine, saving money and the environment at the same time. As good as new without the cost. Potentially saving you up to 50%. To get more information on the CSS2000, click here.

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