Giftwrap Mini 4000

Giftwrap Mini 4000

Giftwrap Mini Paper Overwrapping Machine

Cpacks latest developments in paper overwrapping technology have resulted in the Giftwrap Mini 4000. With a smaller footprint than its big brother. The Giftwrap Mini utilising the same advanced computer control combined with servo technology. Our machine provides unparalleled flexibility, adaptability & performance.


Ideal for rectangular and square products of varying sizes and with production speeds of up to 70 products per minute, the Giftwrap Mini 4000 represents tomorrow's technology today.

The Giftwrap Mini features:

Computer Controlled and Fully Programmable
Servo Motor Driven
Variable Speeds of up to 70 PPM
HMI Touchscreen Interface
Diagnostic System
Quick Change Product Tooling
Fully Interlocking Safety System, Rated Cat 3
Guarded Enclosure with Clearview Panels
Able to accommodate multiple product sizes
Premium Glue Sealing System


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