TS-1 Tray & Wedge Sealer (Free plate included)

TS-1 Tray & Wedge Sealer

Excellent Sealing at Low Cost

Able to seal up to 8 products per minute making an excellent machine for new starts, or companies wanting to expand their current production runs.
Product plates can be manufactured specific to your product size allowing quick and easy changeover. With easy to use temperature control system sealing your products has never been easier. Contact us today to see how the TS-1 tray and wedge sealer can help your production.
The TS-1 tray and wedge sealer has been redesigned to give improved speed and ease of use, while maintaining our competitive pricing. Each TS-1 is complete with one set of sandwich sealing product plates. Additional size plates can be purchased from stock and custom-size plates can be manufactured upon request.
With interchangeable plate sizes up to 230mm x 190mm the TS-1 can effortlessly seal a wide range of products including sandwiches, food trays and food tubs.


Sealing up to 8 products per minute
Easy to use
Teflon Coated Blade
Quick product changeover times
Complete with 1 change plate
Change plates available for different size products
Long service life
Change plate sizes
Comes with 1 change plate
Sandwich wrapping trays



    sandwich box triangle seal

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