Model 50 with Label and Coding Applicator

Model 50 with Label and Coding Applicator

One of CPack' paper wrapping machines for small products. Also capable of using film. The Model 50 is particularly suitable for soaps, adhesive tape, bearings, deodorant blocks, single biscuits, small cakes and pies.
Variable speed drive up to 85 cycles per minute and “No product- No wrapper” are standard features on the machine. With safety and accessibility.
The machine has been designed to ensure that products feed directly to the elevator system.

Our Model 50 machine is built to last. Designed and manufactured in the UK.


 Product feed sensors
 Choice of product sensors
 Product direct to elevators
 Greater stability for top heavy products
 Product flexibility
 Quick change over

Optional Extras

 Autofeed unit
 Print registration system
 Coder Unit and Label Applicators
 Additional change parts available


Guide Sizes as below: 

Product Size Range
Min                        Max
30mm Diameter 80mm
30mm Length 100mm
30mm Width 75mm
6mm Height 30mm


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