CO3000 Automatic Film Overwrapping Machine

Our premier film overwrapping machine is the CO3000 Overwrapping Machine, a fully automatic, computer-controlled, servo-driven system capable of giving unmatched product flexibility and finish quality. Capable of overwrapping up to 50 products a minute, this machine has proved itself to be an indispensable asset to companies that require an envelope fold finish as well as a reliable and flexible machine.
Industry 4.0 Compatible See more here!
Offering maximum flexibility in wrapping materials, the SDFO can be customized to use either plain or printed wrapping material as well as having the option of a tear tape unit which allows easy opening of products by consumers.

Our computer controlled SDFO gives the operator the option of saving product settings which allows for quicker product calibration and quicker product changeovers. Using the computer controlled system, linear rails and actuators are set to move the minimum required distance which reduces wear on the components and prolongs the life of these components, which in turn decreases servicing downtime. With increased speed and reliability
Our overwrapping machines suit a variety of products and industries including bakeries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, confectionery, tobacco, tea and coffee, and much more. Whether overwrapping to improve the products sales appeal, to create a water resistant barrier, to prevent tampering or to provide an authentication seal, the SDFO is a tenacious resource for any company. Designed with ease of use in mind, a single operator can run this machine and easy to understand controls minimise operator training times.
Cpack’s overwrapping machines can use a variety of wraps including PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane and corn starch based biodegradable films, providing our clients with flexibility in packaging materials.
The SDFO computer controlled overwrapping machine can be customized to meet your needs. Each model features the following.


Touchscreen Controls with memory
Quick, easy product changeover
Variable speed of up to 50 ppm
UK designed and manufactured
Set of change parts
Diagnostic fault find system
Clear view Guarding for 360 degree viewing of the machine
Auto aligning of wrapping material
Diagnostic system
Plain or printed wrapping material
Optional tear tape unit
Increased component life in comparison to CAM driven systems
Minimum maintenance
Industry 4.0 Compatible See more here!

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