ESW Electronic Shrink Wrapping Machine

ESW Electronic Shrink Wrapping Machine
Going away from the pneumatic controlled sealing systems to the new modern electric control systems give the ESW a much higher production speed of up to 25 collations per minute. This is achieved by the systems controlling the motions required to perform the sleeve wrapping, ensuring that only the minimum movement of components occurs for each seal. By reducing the distance that each component moves increases the sleeve wrapping speed.

Each ESW Sleeve Wrapping Machine can be made custom to match your requirements with a choice of collation and tiering options as well as side sealing unit to ensure your exact requirements are met. 


The ESW Electric Shrink Wrapping Machine features:
Stainless Steel Main Frame and Panels
Up to 25 product cycles per minute
Tray or trayless wrapping
Fully electronic control systems
Adjustable sealing jaw
Clearview Polycarbonate guarding

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