CP3000 Pleat Soap Wrapping Machine

CP3000 Pleat Soap Wrapping Machine
The CP3000 is the latest in our range of soap wrapping machines, producing a pleated wrap. The machine has been specifically designed for the soap wrap market where a high quality finish and presentation is required to increase sales appeal. The machine is customizes to suit the client's specification.
The machine can be changed over to suit various product sizes at speeds of up to 40-50 products per minute.
The machine can be directly fed from an automatic system straight onto the in-feed belt of can be manually fed onto the in-feed by using a single operator.



Speeds of 40-50 products per minute
Fully Automatic
Seals pleats with an adhesive label
Pleated Wrap finish
Utilizes a variety of wrapping materials
Interlocking guarding system

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