Giftwrap 3000 Gift Wrapping Machine

Giftwrap 3000 Gift Wrapping Machine
We’ve outdone ourselves with our new Giftwrap 3000. An Automatic Computer controlled system giving unmatched product flexibility and finish.
Able to wrap up to 50 products a minute, this gift wrapping machine is an essential piece of machinery for companies looking to wrap products in a variety of different papers.

Traditional Paper-Wrapping Reinvented

Built to suit your production requirements, our 
Giftwrap 3000 wraps in a traditional method using overwrapping materials that are widely used in factories globally. The machine gives products a hand wrapped appearance for gift boxes and toiletries improving sale appeal tremendously. Its computer controlled design allows our gift wrapping machine to wrap a diverse selection of boxes sizes all in one machine with quick changeovers times to minimize downtime. Currently operating in countries world wide wrapping a large selection of gift boxes, chocolates and cakes. With an ever growing product portfolio our system can wrap many boxed products using plain or bar-coded wrapping materials.With an efficient design and intuitive operation this machine is the system you need to maintain a competitive edge in today’s market.

Gift wrapping machine


The Giftwrap 3000 has the following features:

Variable speeds of up to 50 products per minute
Available in Stainless Steel or powdered paint
HMI colour touch screen
Product related memorable setting
Auto aligns wrapping material for a perfectly symmetrical wrap every time
Wrapping looks hand wrapped giving traditional look
Optional pivoting control arm allowing easy operation from multiple positions
Industry 4.0 Compatible See more here!


The Giftwrap 3000 would be an ideal addition to your production operations for businesses that require a machine capable of giving a traditional hand wrapped finish to items that require paper wrapping. Due to the speeds that the machine operates at, this machine will produce massive cost savings in labour while producing a perfect and consistent wrap irrespective of operator skill.


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