TSS125-SKIN Tray Vacuum Sealing System

TSS125-SKIN Tray Vacuum Sealing System

The TSS125-SKIN semi-automatic pneumatic thermosealing machine is a trolley-mounted machine designed to guarantee maximum flexibility. The sealing parameters can be customized, and it is possible to store up to 10 different programs. The sealing methods offered by this machine include Skin technology. This system gives your products a “second skin” which preserves their freshness, yielding a result with a strong aesthetic impact.

The TSS125-SKIN can provide various sealing options; Skin Packaging, Thermosealing only, Thermosealing and Vacuum, and Modified atmosphere “MAP” (Thermosealing + Vacuum + Gas)

Suitable for use on a variety of products, including meat, fruit, cheese, pasta, liquids, as well as non-perishables.




Pneumatic mould handling

Stainless steel and anodised aluminium

10 Sealing programs

Electronic temperature control

Electronic Vacuum control with pressure sensor

Die-cut moulds or flat sealing plate

Various sealing options

Fast and easy mould change

70 m3/h integrated vacuum pump

Film scraps recovery

Tray lifter (inside the chamber)

Maximum sealing area: 420mm L x 280mm W

Maximum tray depth: 100mm


Estimate maximum tray sizes (in mm) according to tray quantity.

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