SP8 Large Skin & Vacuum Packaging System

SP8 Large Skin Packaging System

Cpack Ltd is proud to present the SP8 Skin Packaging System,
the new addition to our Skin and Vacuum Packaging Range.
With our 3D design system and utilising new technology the SP8 has less operator involvement, reduced maintenance. With new and improved features such as Larger Vacuum plates and New Low Level Reel Holder. 


The SP8 Skin Packaging Machine features:
800 x 620 mm Sealing Area
Energy Saving
No Motor or Vacuum Pump
Simple Operation
Heavy Duty System
Automatic Magnetic Locks
New Low Level Reel Holder
Safety Flying Knife
Improved Seal Integrity
Adjustable Heater Zones

VIN Visual Identification System
In-feed and Out-feed Tables
Light - Guard System
Film Reel Hoist System

Ideally suited for products requiring a larger vacuum plate of up to 800x620mm

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