LSW 3600 - Sausage wrapping machine

LSW 3600 - Sausage wrapping machine
The LSW 3600 is the industry leading sausage wrapping machine, developed and refined over many years packaging the world’s finest sausages using a range of materials in a fine bunch wrap.
Offering clients speeds of up to 60 per minute combined with flexible and quick change over times. With robust engineering, this machine has proven to be a workhorse for many market leading sausage producers.
Ideal for wrapping 8, 12, or 16 packs of sausages up to approximately 1lb weight in printed or plain wrapping material without the use of a base card. Saving money on excess packaging while creating a more suitable packed product for today’s market. This sausage wrapping machine is also capable including a coder unit to price tag, print use by and other required information onto the product ready for point of sale.

With its robust stainless steel construction and tested reliability a Model 85 sausage wrapping machine is a perfect investment in your packaging process. Minimal downtime for product changeovers which take between 15 to 20 minutes and reduced labour costs granted by the Model 85 can give you the edge in today’s competitive markets.

We set the standard

To view a LSW 3600 finished wrap look in the supermarket nearest to you, as our client’s products are sold worldwide.


The LSW 3600 features:

Speeds of up to 60 packs per minute
Quick changeover times of 20 minutes
Robust stainless steel construction
Wraps without base cards
Flexible to overwrap a wide variety of sausage and small trays
Able to use a wide selection of wrapping materials
Optional coder units available on request
Comes equipped with a set of change parts of your choice

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