SS3000 Sandwich Sealing Machine

SS3000 Sandwich Sealing Machine
Cpack’s SS3000 Sandwich Sealing Machine is a one-stop solution to sealing sandwich wedges of all sizes into plastic trays.
In recent years triangular boxed sandwiches have become a staple of a day’s lunch breaks and our sandwich sealing machine can help your packaging of these tasty meals by packaging up to 60 products per minute with a perfect seal on every sandwich ready for display at the point of sale.

New heated roller system

Cpack have designed and improved the SS3000 Sandwich Sealing Machine for new and existing clients with a new heated roller system improving temperature control, allowing roller changeovers to be performed by any trained operator and eliminating unnecessary downtime.

Enhanced clarity

By using a CPack SS3000 Sandwich Sealing Machine you can give your range of sandwiches a protective and see through package, allowing consumers to see your product before buying gives them the confidence that your product is the best choice for them.
This sandwich sealing machine is the fastest and least labor intensive of our sandwich sealing range of machinery. The SS1000 sandwich sealing machine serves as a step between conventional hand sealing machines and the SS3000, both utilize the same heating system to give clear seals on the edges of the sandwiches or trays.



The SS3000 Sandwich Sealing Machine features:

Film feed unit
Easy operation
Low maintenance
Quick installation
Sturdy construction
Can be moved easily


Comes with 1 change plate
Sandwich sealing trays


This modestly sized machine would be an ideal addition to any sandwich companies production line, allowing greater flexibility and a larger production amount.

Sandwich sealers seal triangle box

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