The Future is Here!

Industry 4.0
The Future is here!
 Control, Analyze & Evaluate your Machine
with Cpack Industry 4.0 Cloud Based System
  Anywhere, Anytime World Wide
Industry 4.0 gives you the power. The ability to collect information live from your machines. So imagine working in your companies head office in the UK and being able to analyse one/multiple machines somewhere else in the world such as the United States. This would give you the power, being able to understand how many products are passing per hour, the maintenance of the machine and more.
Wide Area Network
mobile phone operation
 small tower
Remote Service
Data Monitoring
Downtime Tracking
Predictive Maintenance
Application Programming Interface 
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Cloud Interface cloud interface
Shop Floor
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Machine Interface small machine interface small machine interface small machine interface
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Data Consolidation screen control screen control screen control
Control Control Control
Data Generation drive sensors drive sensors drive sensors
Drives/Sensors  Drives/Sensors Drives/Sensors
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