CP18PM Soap Wrapping Machine

CP18PM Soap Wrapping Machine
Our CP18PM Stretch Soap Wrapping machine provides a tight, protective stretch wrap onto the product using a range of stretch wrapping materials.
Capable of wrapping a wide variety of shaped soaps from round, square, oblong and other shaped soap at up to 18 products per minute.
Wrapping your soaps in the CP18PM allows your soaps to be protected prior to sale to the customer, maintaining the image of your soap. By using clear wrapping material the soap can be inspected prior to sale allowing consumers to see the quality of the soap prior to buying.


Up to 18 Products Per Minute
Simple to Operate
PLC Controlled
Stainless Steel Guarding
Waste plastic reel keeps work area tidy
Automatic sealing operation
Change product sizes easily with editable presets
Operated on 13A single phase supply


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