SW4000 Soap Wrapping Machine

SW4000 Soap Wrapping Machine
Cpack’s latest developments in paper overwrapping technology have resulted in the SW4000 Soap Wrapping system. Utilizing advanced computer control combined with servo technology, our machine provides unparalleled flexibility, adaptability and performance. Ideal for rectangular and square soaps of varying sizes and with production speeds of up to 60 products per minute, the SW4000 represents tomorrow’s technology today.
Industry 4.0 Compatible See more here!
Using the latest servo technology, the SW4000 attains production speeds and flexibility that were simply impossible only a few years ago. Each machine is customized to the client’s product/products with quick-change change part tooling systems designed to accommodate a wide variety of soap shapes and sizes. Machine presets can be easily stored in the PLC memory and recalled later with the push of a button.


Computer Controlled
HMI Touchscreen Interface
Changable Product Change Parts
Operating speeds of up to 60 Products
Per Minute
Guarded Enclosure with Window
High-End Glue Sealing System
Robust Design
Provides a Heavy Duty Seal
Powdercoated finish
Automatic Magnetic Locks
Capable of packaging a wide variety of differently shaped items
Adjustable Heating Zones
Industry 4.0 Compatible See more here!
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