PC370 - Pizza Capper

The PC370 is a simple to use Pizza Capper and the latest in our catering machine range. With a 2kw Incoloy heater and an adjustable heater regulator control that works with all pizza capping shrink films, the PC370 is versatile and can be easily incorporated into your current production.
Sealing is performed by placing your product on top of the pedestal. The film is laid over the product and shrinks around in seconds creating an attractive seal that protects the product.

A two tier stainless steel film dispenser kit is also available and accepts all widths of Pizza Capper shrink film. A stainless steel fork is included to remove the pizza from the PC370 after shrinking. 

Hygienic Stainless Steel Construction
2KW Incoloy Heater
Quick Release Side Catches
Adjustable Temperature Control
Optional Film Dispenser & Pizza Fork

We now supply film and boards too!

Your one-stop shop for pizza packaging!

Pizza wrapper

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