L300 L-Sealer Flexiwrap

CPack's new L300 L-Sealer Flexiwrap (Patent Pending) is the perfect system for those looking for a low-cost, adaptable L-Sealer that provides a professional finish. Our new modular table-top L-Sealer is designed for a variety of uses ideal for bakery, food, pharmaceuticals use, etc.
The hygienic Stainless Steel body allows for easy cleaning and the integrated timer allows for prefect sealing time. Modular add-ons make the L300 stand out from other L-Sealers. You can purchase the base L-Sealer, with the option of a Compact Film holder or a Product Table & Film Feed Unit; both simply clip on and off.
By using impulse heating the L300 does not require a blind set, saving money on consumables.

A modern, multi-purpose L -Sealer, the L300 is another great addition to our UK manufactured catering machine range.  
Hygienic Stainless Steel Construction
Impulse Heating System
300mm x 300mm Seal Area
Optional Clip-On Film Feed and Product Tables
Digital Timer with Buzzer
Single-Phase Power
lsealer sealer tabletop seal

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