Monoblock Shrink Wrapping Machine

Monoblock Shrink Wrapping Machine
Cpack provide a wide range of shrink wrapping machines, specially designed to complement the whole range of our packaging systems. Our Monoblock Shrink Wrapping Machine comprises a flexible sleeve wrapper and linked shrink tunnel on the same compact frame to ensure excellent product transfer and the smallest machine footprint.


With efficiency at the core of its design, the SW range of Shrink Wrapping Machines utilize our new heat recycling system ensuring a smaller amount of heat is lost from the shrink tunnel to minimize the running cost of the system. In addition high performance insulation is fitted to the tunnel further reducing heat loss and manufacturing costs. Operating at speeds of up to 25 collations per minute with a choice between our hot blade sealing system or new cool cut system for high speed operations. The unit can also be fitting with a side sealing unit to provide an all perimeter seal for products being shrink wrapped for point of sale.


Jars on shrink wrap conveyor
Jars being shrink wrapped

Need your products arranged before packing?

 Many lines are produced with an optional collation unit, allowing items to be quickly placed onto the system and to automatically align themselves in the correct arrangement for being shrink wrapped. The Monoblock Shrink Wrapping Machine can be catered to allow it to work in perfect tandem with your existing machinery’s speed and footprint. This can be done by adjusting the speed of the machine to your production speed as well as gravity conveyors to transfer product from production machinery to packaging.


The Monoblock 700A


The Monoblock Shrink Wrapping Machine features:

Hygienic Stainless Steel Construction
Powered Infeed Conveyor
Product Transfer Unit (optional)
Product Collation Unit (optional)
Choice of Hot Blade or Cool Cut Sealing System
Powered Film Feed
Safety Head System
Product Guides
Digital Temperature Control
After-pack Cooler



The main differences between these designs are the mounting level, they can be bench or floor-mounted. Also, they can use different types of shrink film, and the required speed of operation can vary from machine, high speed tunnels being available to match the output of the fast packaging machines.

The smallest tunnels are designed for bench mounting, usually being used in conjunction with manual L-sealers, while the larger freestanding types are usually associated with automatic or semi-automatic packaging machines, and are available with a range of conveyors and heating systems to match the required operating speed. Polyolefin, PVC and Polypropylene films can all be catered for. 

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