CPack's new machine with a pleat that can't be beat

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Team CPack has developed a unique pleat wrapping system. 

The Pleat Wrap Semi-Auto.

This special machine has been purchased by a cheese manufacturer in the Philippines. It has been designed to wrap around the diameter of spherical objects with film foil or parchment, creating a uniform number of pleats around the sphere with a beautiful sales appeal finish.Pleat wrapped cheese

The Pleat Wrap is capable of wrapping a variety of different-sized products and is easy to adjust. This is all thanks to the premium controlled technology that has gone into it. Made out of food-grade stainless steel. Be assured that the Pleat Wrap Semi-Auto is suitable for a wide range of products, including cheese balls, Christmas puddings, round cakes, and all round products requiring a premium wrap.

To find out more about a pleat that can't be beat, click here.

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