CPack's L-sealer gets an upgrade

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CPack's Flexiwrap L300 L-Sealer has had a makeover, with a now optional stainless steel free standing table that can be purchased alongside our L-sealer.
It is the perfect system for those looking for a low-cost, adaptable L-Sealer that provides a professional finish. Widely used in a variety of industries; bakery, food and non-food products.
This classy hygienic Stainless Steel L-sealer allows for easy cleaning and the integrated timer allows for perfect sealing time. You can purchase the base model with the option of a Compact Film holder or a Product Table & Film Feed Unit; both simply clip on and off.
By using impulse heating the L300 does not require a blind set, saving money on consumables.
As a UK manufacturer, clients can rest assured that after sales support is available.
To find out more about this amazing machine at a great price, click here.
Food wrapping L-sealer

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