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In the hugely diverse world of packaging, parchment paper presents a bit of a  wrapping challenge. While utilised for its ability to maintain food freshness by retaining moisture, its thickness and memory pose hurdles in the wrapping process. However, CPack's Wrap King 4000 has been engineered to overcome these obstacles with precision and finesse.

Engineering Excellence

At the core of the Wrap King 4000 lies a testament to engineering excellence. Unlike many wrapping machines, the Wrap King 4000 is designed from the ground up to handle the complexities of parchment paper wrapping. By eliminating maintenance-intensive components like cams and levers, CPack ensures seamless operation and maximum efficiency.

Unparalleled Performance

With advanced computer control and servo technology, the Wrap King 4000 delivers unparalleled performance. Boasting a staggering wrapping speed of up to 70 products per minute, this machine sets a new standard in the industry. Its intuitive HMI touchscreen interface empowers operators to navigate settings with ease, enhancing productivity on the production floor.

Next-Generation Features

Equipped with next-generation features, the Wrap King 4000 offers a glimpse into the future of packaging. From its fully guarded enclosure with viewing windows to its smart automatic conveyor systems, every aspect is meticulously crafted for optimal functionality. Operators can quickly identify and address any obstructions without compromising safety or efficiency.

Versatility and Quality

Drawing from over four decades of CPack's expertise, the Wrap King 4000 delivers unmatched versatility and quality. Whether wrapping pies, cakes or cheese, this machine ensures consistent, high-quality results every time. Its label applicator further enhances efficiency, allowing for seamless branding and product identification.


In conclusion, the Wrap King 4000 stands as a testament to innovation in the packaging industry. By mastering the challenges of parchment paper wrapping, CPack has paved the way for a new era of efficiency, versatility, and quality in packaging solutions. With its precision engineering and next-generation features, the Wrap King 4000 is poised to revolutionize the way we wrap food products, setting a new standard for excellence in packaging technology.

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