Our latest SP7 machine on its way to Poland

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Our latest completed SP7 Premium Skin & Vacuum Packaging System is now on its way to Poland. Customized to meet the unique needs of our client within the global security sector, this SP7 represents excellence in our comprehensive line of packaging solutions.

Built upon the solid foundation of its predecessors, the SP7 boasts an array of sophisticated features designed to streamline packaging processes and enhance product presentation. From its automatic magnetic locks to the twin film reel holder, every aspect of the SP7 is engineered for efficiency and reliability.

With a generous sealing area of 765x511mm and the ability to accommodate a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the SP7 ensures versatility without compromising on seal integrity. Its powerful vacuum technology guarantees a secure and tamper-proof packaging solution, ideal for safeguarding valuable products.

At CPack Packaging, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive packaging solutions, and the SP7 is no exception. Alongside the machine itself, we supply the necessary film and boards, offering our clients a convenient one-stop solution for all their packaging needs.

As this SP7 makes its journey to Poland, we eagerly anticipate the feedback from our client. With its proven performance and unwavering reliability, the SP7 continues to set the standard for skin and vacuum packaging systems worldwide and we look forward to rolling out the SP7 across all of our client’s sites.

You can learn more about our Skin & Vacuum Packaging machines here.

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