TS-1 Tray & Wedge Sandwich Sealer

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With the world opening up again, more people are venturing out with their families.

What does this mean? People are looking for sandwiches to-go.

Can you meet the demand?

We manufacture various machines for your catering needs, including the popular TS-1 Tray & Wedge Sealer, that has seen an leap in sales. The TS-1 is capable of sealing up to 8 products a minute using standard 002, 003,and 004 product plates. Other product plates can be manufactured to your specific requirements.

Learn more about the TS-1 Tray & Wedge Sealer here: https://www.cpackltd.com/products/ts-1-tray-wedge-sealer

For more of our catering range, click here: https://www.cpackltd.com/collections/catering

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