Our love of packaging cheese

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We love packaging cheese.

We love packaging all types of cheese.

Round cheeses, blocks of cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese, goats cheese, blue cheese, mature cheese, fresh cheese, cream cheese, French cheese, Swiss cheese, cheese straws, processed cheese, cheese boards, cheese spread, cheese fondue, smoked cheese, cheese crackers, cheese balls, cheese truckles, novelty cheeses; just name a cheese and we will package it 😊

Because (as you'll have gathered by now), we love packaging cheese.

If you’re an artisan low volume producer we have a manual low cost, bunch wrapping machine:

If you’re a medium volume producer we have a semi automatic, pleat wrapping machine:

If you’re a high volume producer we have a fully automatic cheese packaging machine.

Doesn't matter what type of cheese you lovingly produce we have a machine for all shapes, sizes and volumes of cheese.

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