Wrap king goes state side

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The team at CPack has recently sent two of our wrap king machines to a reputable food manufacturer in the USA. In fact, they are so impressed with the test products, they ordered a further three machines.

The Wrap King is a high-powered and fast machine that will use renewable materials to wrap its burgers and this falls in line with CPack's aims to work towards a greener future.

These machines will help with production speed while maintaining a highly impressive appearance to their final product. Even better still, they will arrive just in time for the July 4th celebrations.

With a variety of features including an HMI touchscreen, easy change of parts, and a hygienic stainless finish, we are sure that you would be as pleased with the Wrap King as our current customers are.

So if you want customers to feel like royalty when they dine, find out more about the Wrap King here.

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