UK zoo invests in sandwich sealing machine

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A little birdie has informed us that the animals at a UK zoo have become too fussy with their food. So the team at CPack has sorted out a TS-1 sandwich sealer for them to satisfy their customers and animals alike.


TS-1 sandwich sealer is an easy-to-use machine that can seal up to 8 products per minute. It can seal a variety of different size packages and has a quick product changeover time.

TS-1 Tray & Wedge Sealer

The TS-1 sandwich sealer has been redesigned to give improved speed and ease of use while maintaining our competitive pricing. Each machine is complete with one set of sandwich sealing product plates. Additional size plates can be purchased from stock and custom-size plates can be manufactured upon request.

Even better, the TS-1 sandwich sealer is currently on offer at just £249.99 and is just one of the many sandwich wrapping machines that we offer.

So if you have customers who have the hunger of wild animals, please get in touch.

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