Unwrapping the Magic of Christmas with the Giftwrap 3000 Super

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As the festive season approaches, high volume gift-givers worldwide are turning to the Giftwrap 3000 Super to transform their presents into parcels of joy. From the heart of Eastern Europe to the snowy landscapes of Western Canada, our customers are creating piles of paper wrapped products with this cutting-edge wrapping machine.

With variable speeds of up to 50 products per minute, the Giftwrap 3000 Super is a game-changer in the world of gift presentation. Whether you opt for the Stainless Steel or powdered paint finish, the machine boasts an HMI colour touch screen and product-related memorable settings for a personalized touch.

What sets this wrapping machine apart is its ability to auto-align wrapping material, ensuring a perfectly symmetrical wrap every time. The end result? Gifts that appear hand-wrapped, demonstrating quality and a traditional aesthetic.

And if you have random box sizes or adhoc e-commerce gift wrapped orders we also have our Giftwrap Semi-Auto machine. This machine handles variable sized boxes with ease and wraps at 3 times the speed of traditional hand wrapping.

This holiday season, contact us to enquire about the Giftwrap 3000 Super or the Giftwrap Semi-Auto and add a touch of magic to your Christmas gift promotions for 2024.

Watch the machines in action below or for more information click here for more information on all our paper wrapping systems.



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