Happy New Year from CPack!

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As we embark on our 40th year in the packaging industry, we extend a warm welcome back to all our partners and customers.

This year promises to be exceptional with a lineup of updated products and a couple of exciting new additions. Our commitment to excellence and value continues and to kick off the year we have our new year special offers on smaller machines designed for catering and food retail, making advanced packaging solutions more accessible. Contact us on info@cpackltd.com for more information.

At the forefront of innovation, our CSS2000 is undergoing enhancements with improved motor systems, ensuring even greater efficiency in your packaging processes.

The WrapKing 4000 is also set to receive updates in the early part of the year, enhancing its capabilities to meet evolving industry needs for pies, cakes and cheese.

We’re also updating our SP7 Skin and Vacuum packaging machine with improvements to increase the speed of film handling and an upgrade to the vacuum generation unit that will make it even faster.

In our pursuit of technological advancements, we're expanding our remote machine monitoring capabilities via the cloud. This development will provide you with increased control and insights into your packaging operations.

On the engineering front, we're introducing flight controls to optimize product positioning on conveyor belts, a testament to our commitment to continual improvement. As advocates for sustainable practices, we're actively supporting green packaging initiatives, promising even more innovation in eco-friendly solutions.

To our old, new and future customers, here's to a year filled with progress, innovation, and success in the world of packaging. Welcome back to 2024!

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