CPack No1 for Control Fold in Paper and Parchment wrap.

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Another export order completed.

 The team at CPack has recently sent one of our Linear Wrap King machines to a reputable food manufacturer in the USA. With another one to follow later on this year.

 With the growing concern about the use of plastic packaging, many companies are now looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative. The  client found that CPack Patented Linear Wrap King  provided the alternative they were looking for; a system that provided a high quality, environmentally friendly parchment packaging capability, with the added bonus of increasing production, and removing repetitive, labour-intensive, hand wrapping.

 CPack’s developments in control fold and pleat wrapping technology have resulted in the LINEAR WRAP KING 5000. Utilising advanced computer control, combined with servo technology, our system provides unparalleled flexibility, adaptability and performance. Ideal for wrapping at speeds of up to 90 products per minute. This machine can handle a wide variety of products including cheese, burgers, tortillas, pies, cakes and puddings.

 To learn more about the Linear Wrap King 5000, click here. Or if you would like to see full range of our machines please visit our website

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