CP6 Semi-Automatic Overwrapping Machine

CP6 Semi-Automatic Overwrapping Machine
The CP6 is a semi-automatic overwrapping machine supplied by CPack. Capable of overwrapping up to 500 products per hour this is an excellent entry level machine for clients that do not require a fully automatic Machine. This machine produces an envelope fold giving your products a tight, crisp and moisture resistant seal protecting your items and increasing sales appeal. This unit can also be fitted with the option to install disruptive tape onto your packaged products.
The computer control system allows easy change over from one product to another. For maximum flexibility, the versatility of the machine allows for a wide range of products to be overwrapped in a smart bunch wrap style or control fold pleat. 


Wraps up to 500 products per hour
Easy change-over of products
Gives products a controlled bunch wrap
Boom-arm control panel
All Electrical sensors rated to IP65
Touch Screen panel for changeover settings and controls
Stainless Steel gives a clear view and easy to access machine

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