CP3030LS L-Sealer

CP3030LS L-Sealer

The CP3030LS L-Sealer is a table top L-Sealer, this is our entry level machine but with a high specification and quality. Large machines are available if required.

Stainless steel body panels for food applications and simple to use.

This flexible low-cost L-Sealer gives professional finish for multiple applications. Wide range of use from food, pharmaceutical and bakery application.

By using an impulse heating system, the CP3030LS L-Sealer doesn’t need to use blind sets like other conventional L-Sealers, saving you money on consumables.
With Energy saving features, including a smart heating system for more efficiency.

The CP3030LS L-Sealer features:

Stainless Steel construction
300mm x 300mm Sealing area
Impulse Heating
No blind set needed
Film feed to allow quick sealing
Easy to use
Smart heating system for energy efficiency
lsealer sealer tabletop seal

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