What is the difference between stretch wrapping and shrink wrapping

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When you have products to protect or you need to hold some items together for easy transport, stretch and shrink wrapping are often used. These two types of wrapping have many differences but can be confusing. This article will outline the differences between them and their applications. 

Stretch Wrapping Films in Black and Clear Colours

Stretch wrapping 

Stretch wrapping consists of the use of elastic-plastic films, which are wrapped around the set of objects. This enables the users to fold, for example, their luggage together by use of a stretched elastic tied over them. The stretch film is mainly made using polyethene plastics which assists in packing large shipments together.

Stretch wrapping is ideal for the products due to be transported because it holds them together in a very secure manner, keeping them safe.


What are the merits of stretch wrapping?


Stretch wrapping is usually less expensive compared to other options on the market. This is because the material and equipment required for stretch wrapping is very cheap in comparison.


Stretch wrapping has the ability to wrap a wide range of goods, being more adaptable than other wrapping options. 


With the assistance of the stretch wrapping, you can protect and secure your goods from moisture and dust. If you opt for a UV film, it will help to protect your goods from UV rays.

Stretch wrapping uses:

Palletised boxes

This is the most common use of stretch wrapping. In this case, pallet film wraps around several boxes that on the same pallet. This keeps them secure by typically creating a perfect cube, which is logistically incredibly practical. 

Wire reels 

Stretch wrapping is used to keep wires wrapped perfectly, preventing a huge mess of wires from untangling.


Electronics needs protection just like other products. With the help of high-performance stretch film, you easily protect electronics from dust, which can damage their electrical integrity. 

Shrink wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a loose cover which will only shrink if heat is applied. Unlike stretch wrapping, which is made using polyethene plastics, shrink wrapping is made using polyolefin plastics and is mostly used over a single product.

Shrink wrapping is more practical for use on smaller items. This enables its users to ensure that every single piece is protected from the weather, dust, or even other elements.

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