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Non Food SP7&SP8

 The SP7 Skin Packaging System is perfect for the aerospace industry as it provides a tough, tamper-proof seal, ensuring that various items, such as Aero spares and electrical components, are protected from the elements and are therefore kept in pristine condition. It allows for a variety of items, including items of a peculiar shape, to be safely skin-packed.

 The SP8 Skin Packaging System new large addition to our Skin and Vacuum Packaging Range. With our 3D design system and utilising new technology the SP8 has less operator involvement, reduced maintenance. With new and improved features such as Larger Vacuum plates and New Low Level Reel Holder. Ideally suited for products requiring a larger vacuum plate of up to 800x620mm.

For Food Products TSS126 and TSS125 on Special introductory Offer Limited Number First come first served

In addition, C Pack is proud to offer For Food New Vacuum Tray Packaging Systems.

The TSS126-OVERSKIN Semi-automatic pneumatic thermo sealing machine allows not only traditional tray sealing, but also the packaging of protruding products, such as cuts of fine meat or crustaceans, with bulges extending up to 40mm. The technological efficiency of the TSS126 machine can be combined with the new packaging in cardboard with customizable graphics, for innovative sealing with a strong aesthetic impact.

The TSS125-SKIN semi-automatic pneumatic thermo sealing machine is a trolley-mounted machine designed to guarantee maximum flexibility. The sealing parameters can be customized, and it is possible to store up to 10 different programs. The sealing methods offered by this machine include Skin technology. This system gives your products a “second skin” which preserves their freshness, yielding a result with a strong aesthetic impact.

To find out more about C Pack’s Vacuum Packaging Machines click here. Or to see full range of our machines please visit our website.

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