The CPack CSS2000 Cardboard Sandwich sealer - A green, fast, cost effective solution for cardboard sandwich sealing

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A recent catering organisation in Norfolk has embraced the future of sandwich packaging with the CSS2000. This blog explores the standout features of this sandwich sealer, emphasising its eco-friendliness, efficiency, and adaptability.

Environmental Friendliness:
The CSS2000 uses cardboard instead of plastic, aligning with sustainability goals and reducing environmental impact.

Efficient Production Setup:
The full product line setup includes a lazy susan for faster production and a Coding unit for batch traceability, catering to modern production demands.

Customization for Your Needs:
Manufactured in the UK, the CSS2000 Cardboard Sandwich Sealer is easily customizable to meet specific production requirements, ensuring versatility for diverse business needs.

Seamless Operation:
No plate changes for different-sized sandwiches, digital temperature control, and compact design with portability makes it a plug-and-play solution.

Single phase power supply:
No pneumatic air supply is required with the CSS2000 as it has a single phase power supply. This equates to an energy efficient system with low operating costs.

Hygienic Construction:
Built with stainless steel, the CSS2000 is suitable for food-grade production environments, ensuring both durability and compliance with cleanliness standards.

Impressive Speed:
With a packaging rate of up to 34 sandwiches per minute, the CSS2000 caters to the fast-paced demands of busy catering operations.

The CSS2000 is not just a sandwich sealer; it's a game-changer for the catering industry. Its eco-friendly approach, efficient setup, adaptability, and impressive speed make it a standout choice for businesses aiming to elevate their sandwich packaging process.

For a special price on this machine contact us on 01282 422485 or view the lazy susan from our latest installation below and learn about the CSS2000 here.

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