The Advantages of Packaging Machinery

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Investing in the best packing machinery for your business operations can help you to make, and save money! It can also provide you with the ideal way to cut down on time and materials and speed up your production line and warehousing operations.

Let’s look at those packing machinery advantages in more detail.

Increasing sales potential

Selecting and investing in the right machinery to finish off your product, can be almost as crucial as maintaining product integrity and quality! The packaging you use is important to meeting your customer expectations on product protection and transport and contributes to your active and passive marketing. In a nutshell, people do ‘judge a book by its cover’. The way your product is packaged can make it more attractive to buy.

Meeting Legislative requirements

The appearance and function of your packaging reflects your brand identity, but you may also have legislative and industry obligations to meet. The machinery purchased can help you to package items in a certain way, and to print on specific information. The right packaging machines make this seamless and consistent, something that’s harder to achieve if you still rely on manual and labour-intensive methods.

Increased productivity and product protection

Another advantage of packaging machinery is that it can make the end process of your production line far quicker and less error-prone. So, for example, as soon as a completed pallet is shrink wrapped and carefully secured products leaves your production line, your packaging machinery is already working on the next one. Less handling and a reduction in intervals between tasks. Technology now offers a wealth of possibilities to automate packaging. Having your machinery programmed to work quickly, runs alongside the advantage of less damage and fewer errors compared to manual systems. This means increased productivity runs alongside having fewer products returned due to being packaged inefficiently.

Versatility of modern packaging machines

It’s now possible to buy affordable but highly advanced packaging machinery, that provides high levels of automation and speed, but also agility. Instead of buying multiple machines to carry out different packaging functions, it’s easier than ever to find equipment that can be programmed to provide a range of packaging processes. However, some companies still prefer to buy several items of equipment, to provide specialist packaging tasks such as cupping, bottling, sorting into trays, wrapping, sealing, taping and labelling machinery. These often have the potential to be synchronised. Options for packaging equipment that handles different materials are now extensive too, including blister wrap, shrink wrap, boxes, pouches and bags in a wide range of sizes, and sustainable materials.

Lean packaging processes

All this increased flexibility, quality control and productivity can help you to become a leaner organisation. Modern packaging machinery – particularly technical models that offer automation – need little human supervision. The savings in labour costs can be substantial. There is also far less chance of wasted materials and damaged products, increasing your profit margins. This equipment is ergonomically designed to manage health and safety issues in your packaging processes too.

Integration and data analysis

Some advanced and automated packaging machinery offers another important benefit. The software that runs them can be integrated with other control systems. This level of connectivity and data flow is what makes the digital workplace such a potent force. Decision makers in your company can be far better informed and intuitive in managing such things as costs of packaging materials, shelf-life of products and stock lifecycle.

Clearly, the advantages of packaging machines can’t be neatly ‘wrapped up’, as they are expanding all the time!

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