Skin & Vacuum Packing for Aerospace Engineering

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Recently, two Aerospace engineering companies in England and Ireland ordered our SP7 Skin & Vacuum Packing system. The clients manufacture parts for European and USA aircraft manufacturers. They required a system that would allow them to skin-pack a variety of valuable components. They found that SP7 system provided them the premium quality they required, as CPack is a proven UK manufacturer of heavy duty systems. 

The SP7 skin pack is perfect for the aerospace industry as it provides a tough, tamper-proof seal, ensuring that various items, such as Aero spares and electrical components, are protected from the elements and are therefore kept in pristine condition. It allows for a variety of items, including items of a peculiar shape, to be safely skin-packed.

The size of the sealing area for this system can be customised as per the clients specifications, allowing for a greater range of products to be packed. 

To find out more about the SP7 and see it in action, click here:

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