Revolutionize Your Soap Packaging with the SW4000

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The SW4000 Soap Wrapping Machine by CPack Ltd is designed to bring unparalleled efficiency, precision, and adaptability to your packaging process. Whether you're an artisan soap maker or a large-scale manufacturer, the SW4000 is built to meet your unique needs.


 Cutting-Edge Technology

Precision Control
Advanced computer control ensures every wrap is perfect, reducing waste and increasing consistency.

High-Speed Operation
Capable of wrapping up to 60 soap bars per minute, meeting high production demands with ease.


 User-Centric Design

Quick-Change Tooling System
Easily switch between different soap sizes and shapes, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Intuitive HMI Touchscreen
User-friendly interface simplifies operation, making it accessible to operators with minimal training.


 Robust and Reliable

Durable Construction
Engineered for long-term reliability, the SW4000 requires minimal maintenance, reducing operational costs.

Secure and Aesthetic Sealing
High-end glue sealing system guarantees a secure wrap, enhancing product appearance and protection.

 Ready for Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing Integration
Compatible with modern, data-driven production environments, the SW4000 facilitates seamless integration for optimized performance.

Enhanced Safety and Monitoring
Guarded enclosure with a viewing window ensures safety while allowing easy monitoring of the wrapping process.


### Key Features at a Glance

- Precision Control
- User-Friendly Interface
- Flexible Tooling System
- High-Speed Wrapping
- Durable Construction
- Customizable Heating Zones
- Industry 4.0 Compatibility


Why Choose the SW4000?

Investing in the SW4000 means investing in a reliable, efficient, and flexible packaging solution that adapts to your needs, ensuring every soap bar is beautifully and securely wrapped.

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