Our Popular Paper-Overwrapping System is Off to Europe

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Products wrapped in craft paper using our Giftwrap 3000 Super

With the rising concern over single use plastic, more and more companies around the world are switching to wrapping their products with paper, including many top-tier brands. While with other paper-wrapping machines, you may have to sacrifice some style, with our Giftwrap 3000 Super you don't have to. Our paper-overwrapping system, capable of wrapping 50 products per minute, provides that neat, traditional wrap that everyone loves in whatever type of craft paper you wish to use. You are not limited in size either, as we customise these systems as per the client's requests, allowing for more flexibility than ever.

This is what one of our most recent European clients found out for themselves when visiting our factory, leading them them to purchase their very own made-to-specification Giftwrap 3000 Super.

To learn more about the Giftwrap 3000 Super, click here: https://www.cpackltd.com/products/gift-wrap-3000-super

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