Major UK Dairy invest in ESW Shrink Wrapping Machines

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Cpack install multiple ESW Shrink Wrapping Machines in a major UK dairy!

Our client came to us with requirements for several shrink wrapping machines to wrap their different sized bottles, they required machines capable of keeping up with their high speed milk filling line. Our ESW shrink wrapping machine was the system of choice. With its production speed of 22 cycles a minute, made possible by reducing the distance each component moves, the seal is performed quicker resulting in increased sleeve wrapping speed. By utilising electrics, costly compressed air is no longer required, improving the efficiency of the system as well as lowering installation costs.

ESW Shrink Wrapping Machine

Development of a new Lane Diverter in addition to the ESW Shrink Wrapping Machine.

Along with our ESW shrink wrapping machines, also required was a separate diverter to direct the products into the correct lanes for wrapping. We developed a lane diverter specifically for our client’s requirements, which in turn allowed more products to be wrapped within the same time frame, greatly improving production speed.

The ESW Shrink Wrapping Machine Lane Diverter

Full Installation and Training Provided by Cpack Technicians

Our technicians spent several days installing the machine in our client's factory ensuring all aspects of their new ESW shrink wrapping machines were correctly installed and running smoothly. Our technicians then fully trained the client's factory staff members how to correctly operate the machine and to fit change parts.

To view a video of the shrink wrapping machine complete with lane diverter click here.

Cpack is a convenient choice in quality packaging solutions for many businesses requiring standard and bespoke machines with long-term reliability and excellent service in mind. With an in-house design team and manufacturing facility, Cpack offers a complete service from design to installation. For more information on the Cpack shrink wrapping range please click here.  Alternatively for our full range of machines click here.


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