L300 Flexiwrap

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CPack's L300 Flexiwrap LSealer

Leading UK Adventure Farms purchased L300 Flexiwrap L Sealers, For their range of sandwiches and Baguette's  It has various features such as:
  • clip on film feed & product tables
  • Single phase power 
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Hygiene stainless steel construction
  • Energy efficient heating system 
  • Digital timer with buzzer 
The hygienic stainless steel construction ensures suitability for both food and non-food products with wipe down cleaning plus clip on attachments to suit your needs. Running costs are also very low due to the energy efficient heating system, making it suitable for your needs. The modular design of the L300 provides added flexibility to suit your needs just connect the desired unit to your machine and Plug & Play.
Other L Sealer sizes are available .
The L300 is only on offer until the first of August so get yours whilst you still can.

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