International food producer purchases 350SS Max Shrink Tunnels

Posted by Cpack Ltd on

Recent shrink tunnel orders included an international food producer who highlighted the quality features of our 350 Max Stainless Steel tabletop Shrink Tunnel. The client required a reliable solution that would create a perfect shrink wrap on every product and the 350 Max Stainless Steel Shrink Tunnel was ideal.

The 350 Max Stainless Steel Shrink Tunnel was originally designed for cool rooms, so engineered for maximum heat retention, with minimum running costs. The 350 Max it very energy efficient and reduces heat loss into the production environment. Also with a standard base heat plate ensures every product is wrapped consistently with no cold spots effecting the finish of the end packaged product.

Used worldwide  for both food and non-food items this machine is plug and play with a single phase power supply, digital temperature controller and has a compact enough footprint to fit on a desktop sized table. Quality engineered by C-Pack this shrink tunnel is perfect for many applications.

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