The original Model Major and our latest MKV Model Major

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Introducing the Model Major and its latest counterpart, the Model Major MKV – two cutting-edge solutions revolutionizing the bunch wrapping process for businesses worldwide. These semi-automatic machines boast exceptional features designed to enhance product presentation and streamline operations.

The Model Major comes in two versions, each catering to diverse needs. The original Model Major features a weight counterbalance and a fixed side table, while the newer Model Major MKV utilizes advanced gas strut technology and adjustable-height side tables for added flexibility.

With its smart bunch wrap and eye-catching pleat wrap finish, the Model Major adds a touch of elegance to a variety of products, from Christmas puddings to cakes, biscuits, and more. Operable by a single operator, this machine can wrap up to 600 products per hour, ensuring maximum efficiency without compromising on quality.

What sets the Model Major apart is its versatility. Equipped with easy changeover capabilities, it accommodates different product sizes effortlessly, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing demands. Plus, with minimal tools required and a digital temperature controller for precise operation, it's both user-friendly and efficient.

The Model Major MKV takes versatility to the next level with its removable and adjustable side tables, catering to a wide range of wrapping needs. Whether sealing bath bombs with fluted tops or edam cheese, this machine delivers exceptional results with ease.

Manufactured in the UK with superior craftsmanship, both models boast stainless steel frames and panels for durability and hygiene. With features like built-in castors for manoeuvrability and low power consumption, they're not only reliable but also environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, the Model Major and Model Major MKV represent the pinnacle of semi-automatic wrapping technology. With their advanced features, ease of use, and unparalleled versatility, they're the ideal choice for businesses seeking to elevate their product presentation and streamline their operations.

Watch it in action here:

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