Paper Wrap 3000 Super

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A new client based in Europe took delivery of a custom-designed Paper Wrap 3000 Super. The system allows you to wrap boxes with various types of paper, including kraft paper, at a standard suitable to comply with European postal requirements. It is ideal for those environmentally-conscious producers, as the paper is fully recyclable. It also enables the removal of plastic packaging from the wrapping process. 

The Paper Wrap 3000 Super allowed our client to move on from costly hand-wrapping, thereby allowing the transfer of personnel into more productive roles.

Our Paper Wrap 3000 Super is able to wrap up to 50 products a minute with a classic, hand-wrapped look. And if you have multiple box sizes to wrap, this computer-controlled system is capable of doing so with minimal downtime between changeovers. The production wrapping speed exceeded the client's original expectations by a margin of over 20%.

To view the system in action, and find out more about the Paper Wrap 3000 Super, click here:

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