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The Model 60 Bunch Wrapping Machine from CPack Ltd is a versatile and efficient packaging solution ideal for wrapping a variety of products, including cheese, cakes, and puddings. Here’s a closer look at what makes this machine a standout choice:

 Key Features
- High Speed: Capable of wrapping up to 80 products per minute, making it perfect for high-demand production environments.
- Flexibility: Can handle products with a maximum diameter of 125mm.
- Efficiency: Change parts are tailor-made for your specific products and can be swapped in just 15 minutes.
- Durability: Constructed with a stainless steel frame and guarding for long-lasting use.
- Optional Extras: Offers optional card feed/ejector units for enhanced functionality.

- Increased Productivity: With its high-speed capabilities, the Model 60 boosts your packaging throughput, ensuring you meet market demands efficiently.
-Adaptability: Suitable for various product shapes and sizes, providing a comprehensive wrapping solution for different industries.
- Minimal Downtime: Quick changeovers minimize production interruptions, ensuring a seamless operation.
- Quality Construction: The robust stainless steel design ensures durability and reliability, reducing maintenance costs.

 Why Choose the Model 60?
Investing in the Model 60 Bunch Wrapping Machine means opting for a reliable, efficient, and versatile packaging solution that caters to diverse product needs. Whether you’re in the food industry or any sector requiring precise and high-speed wrapping, the Model 60 is designed to enhance your production line’s efficiency and effectiveness.

For more information and to see the Model 60 in action, click here.

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