December Specials! SALE! SALE! SALE!

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This year once again proved the popularity of CPack small catering machines. Forget about Black Friday deals. Get in touch with CPack for CPack Ltd Christmas Cracker deals.

CPack is selling small catering machines at reduced prices with limited availability. So more new and existing clients could treat themselves to new machine under the Christmas tree and save £££. This offer is a limited time and quantity offer. As they say every little helps and when its gone its gone.

The TS-1 Tray & Wedge Sealer, PC370 Pizza Capper and L300 L sealer. All three small catering machines has been very popular throughout the year, with sales being made to many companies.

For information about CPack’s Christmas Cracker Deal contact us via email or telephone 01282 422 485.

To find out more about TS-1 Tray sealer click here, PC370 Pizza Capper click here or L300 L Sealer click here.

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