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The art of gift-giving becomes truly enchanting when every package is adorned with the finesse of expert paper wrapping. Introducing CPack's Gift Wrap Series – a collection of innovative solutions designed to elevate your gift presentation game through meticulous paper wrapping. From the fully automated Gift Wrap 3000 Super to the user-friendly Gift Wrap Semi-Auto and the compact Gift Wrap Semi-Auto Mini, CPack has the perfect paper wrapping solution for every need.


 Gift Wrap 3000 Super: Where Automation Meets Elegance in Paper Wrapping


Imagine a world where gift wrapping is not just a task but an art form. With CPack's Gift Wrap 3000 Super, this vision becomes a reality. This fully automated paper wrapping marvel takes the hassle out of gift preparation, ensuring each package is wrapped with precision and elegance, thanks to its advanced paper wrapping capabilities. From birthdays to holidays, make every occasion memorable with the seamless and efficient paper wrapping process of the Gift Wrap 3000 Super.


Key Features of Gift Wrap 3000 Super:

  • Reduced Operator Involvement
  • Longer Production Runs
  • Suitable for a wide range of papers
  • Variable speeds of up to 50 products per minute
  • Auto aligns wrapping material for a perfectly symmetrical wrap every time



 Gift Wrap Semi-Auto: The Perfect Blend of Efficiency and Control in Paper Wrapping


For those who appreciate a balance between automation and personal touch, CPack presents the Gift Wrap Semi-Auto. This machine offers the convenience of automation while allowing users to have more control over the paper wrapping process. Perfect for boutique gift shops and businesses looking to add a personalized touch to their gift presentation, the Gift Wrap Semi-Auto ensures each package is a work of art, perfected through meticulous paper wrapping.


Key Features of Gift Wrap Semi-Auto:

  • Semi-automated for a customizable paper wrapping experience
  • Industrial ultrasonic sensors to measure box sizes.
  • Cuts paper to correct length and width from a roll.
  • Repeat mode.
  • Automatic scrap deflector.
  • 6-roll capacity for paper selection.
  • Hand-wrapped appearance.


 Gift Wrap Semi-Auto Mini: Compact Powerhouse for Small Spaces with Precision Paper Wrapping


Compact yet powerful, the Gift Wrap Semi-Auto Mini is designed for businesses with limited space that still demand top-tier paper wrapping capabilities. Don't let its size fool you – this mini powerhouse ensures that every gift receives the attention it deserves. Ideal for boutique stores, small businesses, or those with limited wrapping space, the Gift Wrap Semi-Auto Mini delivers efficiency without compromising on quality, providing precision in every paper wrapping detail.


Key Features of Gift Wrap Semi-Auto Mini:

  • Compact design for space-saving efficiency
  • Instant package sizing using industrial sensors to measure box sizes.
  • Cuts paper to correct length and width from a roll.
  • Touchscreen operation.
  • Repeat mode.
  • Two sheeter modes.
  • Selectable roll position.
  • Hand-wrapped appearance.


Why Choose CPack's Gift Wrap Series for Exceptional Paper Wrapping?


- Innovative Technology: CPack's wrapping machines are equipped with cutting-edge technology for precision and efficiency, ensuring excellence in every paper wrapping detail.


- Customizable Solutions: Whether fully automated or semi-automatic, our machines offer customizable settings to suit your unique paper wrapping needs.


-Efficiency & Speed: Increase productivity without compromising on the quality of your gift wrapping, thanks to the precision and speed of CPack's machines, ensuring unparalleled excellence in paper wrapping.


- User-Friendly: Operate the machines with ease, thanks to intuitive interfaces and controls that require minimal training, providing a hassle-free experience in paper wrapping.


Elevate the art of paper wrapped products with CPack's Gift Wrap Series. From the fully automated Gift Wrap 3000 Super to the versatile Gift Wrap Semi-Auto and the compact Gift Wrap Semi-Auto Mini, CPack has your paper wrapping needs covered. Contact our sales team today at  to explore how our gift wrapping solutions can transform your presentation process. Seal every gift with perfection – choose CPack for an unforgettable and precise paper wrapping experience! Click here to see more.

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