Adapting L-Sealers for Larger Product Packaging

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While L-sealing machines are commonly associated with smaller retail items, they possess the flexibility to handle a more extensive range of products, including larger ones. At CPack’s manufacturing facility, we specialize in extending the application of l-sealers to accommodate products of varying sizes. Need a seal that's 1m x 2m? Our machines are up to the task.

A standout feature of our L-Sealing machines is the adjustable table height, allowing for a more versatile and secure seal placement, especially beneficial for larger, boxed items. This feature places the seal midway up the product, ensuring reliability in packaging—a quality you might recognize from the sturdy seal on board games. Our customers seal everything from shower trays to medical devices.

In an effort to improve efficiency and speed during the packaging process, we offer the option to integrate a discharge belt. This simple addition streamlines operations, enabling a smoother flow of products off the machine.

Considering transitioning to l-sealing for your larger products? Share a sample with us, and our team of experts will analyse it to recommend the perfect l-sealing machine that fits your unique needs. We can custom build a machine to your precise needs. From a much larger sealing plate size, adjustable table heights to discharge belts, we have the right solutions to enhance your packaging, regardless of the size of your products.

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