SS1000 Automatic Sandwich Sealing Machine

Cpack Ltd

  • £4,420.00 Ex. VAT

The SS1000 Sandwich Sealing Machine is the latest in our range of sandwich and tray sealing solutions. Designed from the beginning to fill the gap between small hand-operated sealers and expensive mass-production machines, the SS1000 is an ideal system to increase your production while also reducing labour costs, at a competitive price.
Comes with set of change plates

Packed with Features

The SS1000 Sandwich Sealing Machine contains most of the features of our larger machines, including a heated roller system with full temperature control, hygienic Stainless Steel frame and changable product plates. Additionally the SS1000 is lightweight with a small footprint, allowing for easy transportation of the machine. It can be table-top mounted, with an optional floor stand available.

Low cost, high speed

The SS1000 is designed to be a low-cost automatic tray sealing system, providing our clients with a method of increasing packaging speed without proportionately increasing labour costs. The system can be run by one operator, and requires no input once operational. Sealing 15 trays per minute, the SS1000 can easily outperform a manual sandwich sealer.

Designed with most of the features of our high-end machines, the SS1000 Sandwich Sealing Machine is a modern but value-oriented option and the next step-up for your production.


The SS1000 Sandwich Sealing Machine comes with the following features:

Sealing up to 15 products per minute
Heated roller system
Hygienic stainless steel construction
Digital Temperature control
Quick product changeovers