Adpak Shrink Wrapping Machine Easy 700

Adpak Shrink Wrapping Machine Easy 700

A fully working Adpak Shrink Wrapping Machine in good condition. This Easy 700 is a combined sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel linked on a common frame, allowing products to be shrink wrapped using minimum floor space.

This Adpak machine, the Easy 700 has a opening aperture of 700mm Wide x 400mm High allowing for a wide range of products to be shrink wrapped using this system.

Capable of shrink wrapping up to 15 cycles per minute, using a pneumatic sealing system operating at approximately 4 bar.

Recently fitted with a new sealing blade to ensure a quality seal on each shrink wrapped product. All curtains and insulation in good condition allowing the machine to be shipped straight to your product facility.

Fitted with a powered film feed, and separate digital temperature controls for both the sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel. This allows for adjustment to perfecting the seal given with your choice of shrink wrap film.

An afterpack cooler is included with the system, this sets the film allowing the finished shrink wrapped product to be handled sooner after emerging from the tunnel.

Currently we have product pusher plates for 1 pint, 1 litre and 2 litre milk cartons at our site, with additional pusher plates can be manufactured on a week lead time. Giving you access to the ideal pusher plates for shrink wrapping your products, providing maximum product stability through the sealing jaw.

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