Overwrapping...what is it?

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So what is Overwrapping, this is the process where a box shaped object, whether it be a few items together or single items are wrapped and sealed. The box enters the machine and film is wrapped around the box in a way that creates an envelope style fold, and usually stuck with glue which is automatically dispensed. 

This is the sort of wrapping you would see used for cigarettes and high end products e.g. perfumes/chocolates ect.. The envelope style fold is like a Giftwrap finish but with film instead. Resulting in the product being fully wrapped and all pieces stuck down neatly. 

Here at Cpack we manufacture different types of Overwrapping machines, we can accommodate small products and larger ones. Starting with our CO600 which is capable of wrapping up to 600 products per hour or if you have a larger demand you can go for our CO3000 which can wrap up to 3000 products per hour.




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